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Retailers, Beware of Hidden Hazmat in Returns


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA) and federal, state and local entities addressing the handling of hazardous materials (hazmat) are constantly updating regulations and procedures. With growing concern for the environment, there is more pressure on the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers as to how they should properly handle items being returned by the consumer.

Within the next 3-5 years, there is expected to be an increase in products being discarded and returned, as well as more regulations that will affect everyone along your supply chain. With more demand on manufacturers to produce more advanced high-tech products, and the lifespan of products getting shorter and shorter, the number of potentially hazardous products being returned or discarded annually will increase exponentially. This means that reverse logistics in your supply chain is going to become more complex. Many items you may not think contain hazardous material actually can be the most dangerous.

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