Remanufactured in the USA

For years,U.S.companies have found that by outsourcing to developing nations, they can save money on labor and manufacturing costs, while maintaining stable transportation costs. Many companies, especially smaller or new ones, are not equipped to handle all the aspects of their businesses in-house. Due to the costs of purchasing and setting up equipment, as well as training a staff, it is often more cost effective to outsource some activities to other companies who specialize in specific areas.

But that tide seems to be turning now, as developing nations are growing and becoming economically more viable. Due to increasing wages and transportation costs overseas, the cost of doing business offshore is rising.

For remanufactured products, there is a growing concern about environmental issues and regulations. Some U.S.companies are addressing these regulations by sending the products overseas to be broken down, and repaired or repurposed.  But does that really solve the problem? With more light being shed on environmental risks from e-waste and  an increasing need to conserve resources, U.S. remanufacturing companies are gearing up to meet that need.

As we continue to see globalization on shaky ground, now is the time to seize the opportunity to return our recycling and e-waste industry back to our shores. We have the knowledge and the capability. An increasing number of U.S. remanufacturing companies are ready and willing to take up the gauntlet to revitalize and renew an industry. They are ready to help other companies meet the challenge of increasing profitability, while cutting costs and being environmental stewards today…and well into the future.

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