Why Returns Management Companies can be our Environmental Stewards

Due to the human need for status and entertainment, modern culture has been careless in its adaptation of energy-intense and resource-depleting technology. We look at the advantages of new technology without a thought to what happens to the old products that are left behind in wake of the “upgrade.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), e-waste is not going to be eliminated anytime soon. We have as many as 99 million analog TVs that are left to be disposed. Also, the EPA reports that nearly three out of four computers sold in theU.S. are stockpiled in garages and closets, or thrown away into landfills or incinerators.

There is a desperate need to find environmental stewards for our electronic products.

Most items that end up in the landfills are in usable condition, but probably not state of the art. Some may have minor surface or structural damage, and work just fine, while others need some simple repairs. A little cosmetic repair or a facelift would be sufficient to put them back in circulation.

Repair and refurbishment for reuse is a great way to increase a product’s lifespan and reduce the amount of e-waste generated.

Items unable to be returned to service can be stripped of all their usable parts for reuse in other appliances – and then disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.  In developed countries, electronics recycling takes place in purpose-built recycling plants under controlled conditions.

Turning to returns management or reverse logistics companies that specialize in the conservation of electronic material through repairing, refurbishing and recycling, is the ideal choice to reduce the negative impacts of e-waste.  In a way, these companies are becoming our environmental stewards.

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